Amazon Store Design

Amazon Web Store is one of the top selling online store let us integrate your online store with it.


Choices Matters.

Like eBay web store, Amazon Web Store is also one of the best choices to start selling and growing your product’s and brand’s sales by becoming a part of word top online store. Amazon Web Store was founded in 1994 and it became so famous in such a short time that seems unbelievable. By becoming a part of Amazon Web Store your online store will go viral if the process of linking and placing your store on Amazon Web Store is handled by professionals like KloudyWeb.

Amazon Webstore Services.

Amazon Web Store provides you everything you need to drive traffic, become focused, increase sales, increasing customers confidence, increasing frequency of purchases and top of all without rising up cost. With Amazon Web Store you can sale your products both on Amazon Web Store and your own online sales portal with real time synchronized web inventory thus managing your contents, stocks; services and other stuff by customized and user friendly portals made and maintained by KloudyWeb teams.

Integration with Amazon Web Store.

To integrate your store with Amazon Web Store is a technical task which should be handled from people experts in this. We have to make many judgments and analysis of where, when and how to integrate your store to Amazon Web Store. And we know we will only get our desired results if we do the things in the right way, else it would be wastage of both efforts and resources.

How it is done?
Process of integrating your online store with Amazon Web Store includes the following major steps

Amazon Web store is the right choice to start and grow e-commerce business. Take advantage of biggest Ecommerce market and grow your business.

  •  Analyzing your product range, and categories
  •  Assessing your website design and development for possibility of integration
  •  Altering your website or online store to align it to the Amazon Web Store protocols
  •  Getting full disclosure from MI team regarding the best available option to put your store through
  •  Discussing our plan with you for final approval
  •  Launching our plan
  •  Constantly monitoring and analyzing of your intended audience/Customers trend, actions and ractions
  •  Continuously keep adapting the changes as they occurred in Amazon Web Store.